How to become a Twitch Streamer?

Watching online videos on Twitch and wondering how to be on the other side of the screen? Aspiring to become a twitch streamer and confused about what to do and how to go along with it?

If yes then you will be given all the solution to your problems and answers to your queries and at the end of this article, you will be all set to go and start streaming and be the next influencer of this era.

Let me give you a short brief about Twitch and some of the inspiration or people who are doing great on Twitch.

Twitch is an online streaming platform that is used by millions of users all around the world. People stream on a different topic on Twitch but most is done on Gaming. Streamers now through their dedication and creativity have gained millions of followers and are very popular in the Twitch world.

As you too are heading forward to become one of them, make the best of this platform and grow to the fullest.

Let’s us first talk about what do you need to be a Streamer so that you can keep them all handy.

  • A good computer.

This is a very important and a very obvious requirement as to stream online you need to have a good computer that does not hang and irritate you during the streaming. Twitch recommends to at least have an Intel core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM and Windows 7 or new than it. With Computer you also need to have a good internet connection, it is better to stream through a desktop than a laptop.

  • Another PC to share the load

One can stream on Twitch using one computer but you are streaming a very high graphics games, playing and streaming at the same time, it is always good to have two PCs at one time. Most of the famous streamers use this way to stream.

  • A twitch account.

One can visit to join without paying anything for free. Once you make an account you should always set up your profile by adding a custom avatar, banner and description so that viewers can know you well.

  • A software to stream

The most important for streaming is the software as it help you show your game play to the world.  The two most used streaming software are Open broadcasting software (OBS) and XSpilt. Whichever software you use you may have to go through the same basic settings like picking up the source, choosing how to lay it for your viewer and finally syncing your Twitch account and going live.

  • Camera and Microphone to shoot it well.

You need a good camera and microphone to shoot or stream well. As you should come clear to your viewers. And a good microphone that does not plays unnecessary sound should be used.

  • One can also stream through a Console.

You can also stream directly from your console if you have Xbox One or a PS4 and you will not require an extra device or a software. The setup is also very simple and will make you work for long.

With all these Tangible product you will definitely require the intangible too.

  • Find the niche topic you want to stream on.

Choose a niche topic you want to stream on, and then stick to it. Select something that already has a huge demand among the viewers. Your topic will make you unique from others and hence you must choose a topic that stands out among millions of channels present.

  • Always be consistent in your work towards the channel.

Consistency is the key to success on Twitch. One should be regular on Twitch as your viewers will expect you there. Once you be regular and suddenly stop streaming for some days there will be a breakage of a link between you and your viewers and hence this will decrease your viewer’s loyalty towards your channel. Hence make a schedule and follow it as to get a good response we must give good work in the first place.

  • Get in contact with the existing streamers.

Networking is very important at the start of your Twitch journey. This lets you connect to people and also make new contact. Having good network with existing streamers will make you credible to your viewers.

  • Let the conversation be two-sided: Be Interactive.

Connect with your viewers, let the chat room be filled with positive responses. As the more love you show your viewers the more you will get from them. So always try to hear from the other side of the screen and let your viewer feel that there is real human on the screen in the virtual world of Twitch.

  • Give yourself time.

Success takes lot of time and effort. So it’s very important to give yourself time and work towards your success and not just getting disappointed on not getting one. Take ample of time to know your channel and your viewers better. At start don’t expect a lot of success it comes to those who patiently works towards their betterment.

This was all you need to know to become a Twitch streamer, now as you have so much information with you, you can soon start streaming and come in the best streamer list soon. So be dedicated and work hard that’s all you need for a great stream.

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